What are prepositions?

What are prepositions?

A preposition is simply a word within a sentence that indicates either a location or relationship between a noun and other parts of a sentence.

The cat was hiding behind the curtain.

In this sentence the preposition was behind. The noun was cat, or object of the preposition.

The object of the preposition is the noun or pronoun that is associated with the preposition.

In most sentences the preposition will usually goes before its corresponding noun or pronoun, but they can go afterwards.

Where did the evil witch go?

In this sentence the preposition go, is after it's corresponding noun witch.

How to use prepositions correctly

There are a few prepositions that need to be used with care.

Like, is a preposition that means similar, or similar to, and should be followed by either a noun, pronoun or noun phrase, not a subject or verb. It's best to avoid using like with a verb.

You smell like a rotten toad.

Rotten toad is the noun phrase associated with the preposition.

It's best to avoid using like with a verb.

You smell like a rotten toad does.

To correctly use a preposition when comparing a subject and verb you can use the following words; as, as if, or the way.

You smell as rotten as a toad does.

You smell as if you're a rotten toad.

You smell the way a rotten toad does.

Words to avoid when using a preposition in an sentence

Another easy mistake to avoid making when using a preposition in a sentence is not to use a preposition in place of have.

The mermaid should have done it.


The mermaid should of done .

When using the preposition from, avoid using different than.

Don't write

The witch is different than the wizard.

Instead use

The witch is different from the wizard.

Avoid using in, rather than into when conveying motion in a sentence.

Don't write

I looked in the enchanted mirror.

Instead write

I looked into the enchanted mirror.


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