How to correctly use an apostrophe?

What's an apostrophe?

An apostrophe is used to either contract words or to illustrate possession within a sentence.

What are the functions of an apostrophe?

  • To indicate a word contraction
  • To indicate possession

How to use an apostrophe in word contraction?

An apostrophe is used in a sentence when one or more letters have been removed from a word.

Do not = Don't

Have not = Haven't

It is = It's

Who is = Who's

Take care not to overuse apostrophes and remember that they should not be used in academic work.

How to use an apostrophe to indicate possession?

Apostrophes to show possession are often over used, and is a common mistake to make.

If it is a singular noun, proper noun or common noun that does the possessing this is indicated by - 's

Tom's magical cat was amazing.

The castle's walls were beginning to crumble.

Cornwall's pixies were notorious for littering.

If using an apostrophe to indicate possession by a plural noun ending in S, the apostrophe is placed after the S.

The mouse was constantly nibbling on the wizards' books.

If the plural noun does not end in an S the apostrophe can be placed before an S.

The book's binding were being destroyed by the mouse.


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