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Siren's Call Ezine - Issue 25 WiHM

Welcome to my review of  Issue 25 of Siren's Call Ezine which is celebrating Women in Horror Month. Inisde are some great  stories not only celebrating the amazing talent of female writers in horror but the awesomness of women in general. You won't find crying damsels in distress but feisty characters to be reckoned with. You can read it for free here So without further ado Siren's Call Ezine issue 25 presents you with horror's finest female writers... Shadow Hands by Victoria Griffin  It's gonna to get you. You know that. "What's gonna get me?" This is a tale that has it all; it's dark, atmospheric, moving chilling and menacing. Shadow Hands starts off with our protagonist Porter walking over a bridge plagued with the dark thoughts of his shadow. But is it his shadow? Or has he been driven mad with guilt of his macabre past? What is it that's going to get him? Retribution or salvation? Victoria Griffin Despite stil