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The Lesser Bohemians by Eimar McBride

I'm a horror chick at heart but every now and then I do like to delve (sheepishly) into the world of literary fiction. There's been so much praise for this book and of course for the writer, Eimar McBride who on an over crowded stage has invented an entirely new way of writing. Released just last year The Lesser Bohemians has won the James Tate Black Memorial Prize, long listed for the Bailey's Women's Prize, Goldsmith's Prize and the Bord Gais Irish Novel of the Year. The cover is gorgeous, simple but really eye catching. This book is quite unlike anything I have ever read before. The language reminded me a little bit of Ulysses by James Joyce. At first it was really hard to get into and to be honest a couple of times I gave up, but I persevered. Why? Because there was something really compelling about the writing, half poem half prose, and after a while I got into it and then, I really got into it. It quickly became one of those books where I couldn

Apparitions - Aphotic Realm Magazine

Aphotic Realm is a brand new magazine dedicated to strange and sinister fiction. Recently they have produced their first issue themed around - Apparitions. If the first issue is anything to go by this horror fiction magazine is going to be making some big waves on the horror scene. This issue is available both in print and kindle but do buy it in print it is worth every penny. The content is absolutely divine. The magazine is full colour and in each page you can see the love and care that has been poured liberally over each page. Each story comes with it's own illustration, shout out to Gunnar Larsen for his amazing artwork. So before I'd even started reading the stories I absolutely fell in love with it! First off I started reading Dustin Schyler Yoak, one of the editors. I did think it was strange at first that the magazine would  start straight away rather than a brief introduction from the editor  as what I was reading was clearly the first horror story. H