What are linking verbs, phrasal verbs and helping verbs?

I always thought I had a fairly good grasp of grammar and punctuation. I have a degree and write constantly, but it was only when I thought it would be a good idea to give myself a refresher's course on the subject, that I realised there was a lot of work to do!

I thought verbs were really simple. I mean, they're basically ,"doing words," Right? 

They're are many types of verbs.......

A verb is defined as a word, or a set of words that shows actions, feelings or a state of being.

I am busy. I am happy. I am

The use of verbs can get complicated as they can consist of more than one word, and this is where phrasal verbs and helping verbs come into play.

A phrasal verb is simply a verb that contains more than one word.

I have been busy improving my grammar and punctuation.

In this sentence, the phrasal verb is ,"busy improving"  It is the action within the sentence. 

A helping verb is used to explain the phrasal verb, in this sentence the helping verb is ,"have been"


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