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The Intruder &The Unbeliever by Morgan K.Tanner

The Unbeliever The joyful surroundings of a magical theme park should fill everyone with a feeling of warmth and happiness. But Mike isn't really feeling the love. After his derisory comments to his family about the 'out of work actors' in animal suits he enrages these cute and cuddly creatures. Mike soon learns that he probably should have kept his mouth shut. Especially when the blood begins to spill. The Intruder Having a newborn baby in the house is certainly hard work. Those nights of broken sleep bring on a zombie-like existence for most of the day. Toby is certainly feeling exhausted. But when one evening his home is invaded by an intruder, he decides his lack of sleep could work to his advantage. Without ever questioning his actions he begins a sadistic revenge on this would-be burglar. His tiredness however, could ultimately prove his undoing. I had no idea when I first started reading these Short Sharp Shocks just how addictive they are! The bar has b

The One That Knows No Fear by Steve Stred

The One That Knows No Fear: stuntman extraordinaire. For young Timmy Wilson, this stuntman is his only reason for living. Every Saturday he watches as The One That Knows No Fear cheats death. Now, the stunt show is coming to his hometown and Timmy can't wait to watch him perform in person. A coming-of-age, cosmic horror story set in the 1970s,  The One That Knows No Fear  will keep your heart pounding long after the stunt has finished. Writing about  The One That Knows No Fear , author Steve Stred said of his protagonist Timmy Wilson: “The story really focuses on him. This is a boy who wishes for a father figure to be in his life and because it’s not there, he attaches to this specific Daredevil, the one they call ‘The One That Knows No Fear.’ Timmy really is an innocent kid who just wants to believe that adults are saints, which we all know is far from the truth.” This is the latest title I've read from Demain publishing and although each story is unique I've lo

Dark Celebrations by Calvin Demmer

Each year, people all over the world celebrate special festivals and days, shining light on what they wish to remember and revere. But sometimes, inhabitants of the dark arrive with the desire to disturb proceedings. Dark Celebrations is a collection of twelve short stories. And the holidays will never be the same. Dark Celebrations is a collection of 12 dark horror tales from Calvin Demmer, the author of The Sea is a Fair Master which has become a classic! It was a joy to read all these great tales again which have been re-released in one collection!   Calvin Demmer has a great imagination when you set off you never know where the tale will take you. Each tale is a dark journey. Are you ready fir it? You'll never look at holidays in the same way again.  It's so hard to pick out favourites in this collection but I'd say Hungry Ghosts and Unidentified Fatherly Object were my faves! Hungry Ghosts Ten Tips For Surviving The Hungry Ghos