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Dying Valentine by Calvin Demmer

Horror writer, Calvin Demmer returns with another triumph Dying Valentine , his latest installment for his dark celebrations series. It's Valentine's Night and this is a n extra special one for Daniel, he's meeting Julia's parents for the first time tonight and he's anxious for it to go well. He's been seeing his girlfriend for six months but he really loves her and wants to be accepted into the family fold. However he forgets the roses and chocolates in his haste to get there on time and decides he must return to his house for them. He can not arrive empty handed even if he arrives late. But then in his panic he revs up his speed and knocks over a mysterious young woman with long black hair in a deathly pale dress. She puts him in an impossible situation in which he has no choice but to help her, even at his own cost as he's a nice guy. Long live the nice guys! All Daniel wants to do is to get round to his girlfriend's house and enjoy this spec

Office Mouse by S.J.Budd

It seems like Spring really is finally here after a very long and cold winter winter. I've just had my first story of 2017 published. It's called Office Mouse and goes out to all the lovely people out there who've ever had an office job they've hated! You can read it here for free at