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The Mind's Plague and Other Bites of Brutality by Morgan K. Tanner

Three friends search for an infamous internet video of an urban legend with devastating consequences; a passionate drummer joins the band of his dreams, or perhaps his nightmares; a man tries to find fame in a world where the mundane call the shots; and a grieving father loses his grip on reality. These ten stories delve into a world of darkness and suffering, where the terrors are more vivid than they may appear. Blood is spilt, minds are destroyed, as madness ultimately reigns victorious. I always look forward to reading a Morgan K Tanner tale. Over the years I've read a fair few and all of them brilliant. It really struck me whilst reading through The Mind's Plague that he has gone on to develop his own really unique style of writing. Morgan K.Tanners knows how to bring the darkness to his stories! Tanner's slice of horror is extra dark, there's a smithereen of supernatural horror in here but mostly he concentrates on the horror that is inside all of us. I&#