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Stephen King ~ On Writing

Even if you're not a big horror fan or even a keen reader, you probably familiar with Stephen King, unless you live in a cave, in another planet, in a different dimension. Stephen King has had the sort of  career that makes most aspiring writers weep. To date he has written and published more than 50( yes 50!) books, ALL of them have been WORLDWIDE bestsellers. If that doesn't make you slightly jealous as a aspiring author, many of these has also been made into incredibly successful films. It's enough to make me weep, but he's not a bad guy. What really strikes me about this book was his  touching motivation to write this. Of course he's been paid to do it, but I think it's really generous and kind hearted to write about the craft of writing. I can't think of any other hugely successful writer that has done this. With so many 'how to write' books out there, ask yourself this; how many have been written by a multiple best selling author? Wha

A Guide to Subgenres in Fantasy Fiction

If you think that fantasy fiction is only about dragons and wizards you'll be in for a shock. The genre of fantasy is, well, fantastically diverse and all encompassing. Fantasy has always  been my favourite literary genre as it's one that's not hemmed in by reality. You can create a whole new world with new creatures and generally turn everything upside down, left and right, and back again. The fantasy writer has the greatest power to create. Fantasy differs to its cousin genres of Horror and Science Fiction with it's absence of dark and scientific themes. Though they can and do quite often overlap such as the Alien films, with great effect. There's so many sub genres within fantasy fiction. Some of these I've never heard of before but can't wait to explore them all. Please note this article is a work in progress, this list is impossibly long! So it will take time, so starting at A....... Alternative Historical Fiction Also known as alternative r