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Paths Best Left Untrodden by Kev Harrison

  The debut collection from Kev Harrison, author of THE BALANCE, this tome brings together tales of ghosts in the machine, folkloric creatures let loose, abandoned places and dystopian nightmares. Containing thirteen stories - three of which are previously unpublished, with three others never before available in print, take your first tentative step onto the PATHS BEST LEFT UNTRODDEN. Over the years I've read a lot of Kev Harrison's fiction and have loved every word of it. His short stories have been featured in many different magazines and anthologies and he also has some very impressive novellas under his belt.  So when I found out he was releasing a short story collection I was genuinely so excited, Paths Left Best Untrodden went straight to the top of my TBR mountain (it really is that high) and got stuck in. The collection starts off strong with Big Game. It's set in the future, but it doesn't feel like it's too far into the future that we won't be experien