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Throwing Shadows by Jerry Roth

  Throwing Shadows is a collection of 9 creepy stories that have something for everyone. A woman develops an unhealthy obsession with a scarecrow. A boy plays with an Ouija board and receives a terrifying warning of murder. A down-on-his-luck- father learns what happens when you die in your sleep. These stories and six more frightening tales await the reader within the pages of Throwing Shadows: A Dark Collection. Throwing Shadows will feed that hungry dark side that lives in your cellar. This collection of horror, thriller and science fiction has something for readers seeking tales of suspenseful fiction. With a vintage paperback feel, along with a modern sensibility, these short stories will take readers down a dark path of pulp dread.  I have never read any fiction by Jerry Roth before but with Brigid's Gate Press putting out so much amazing fiction I had really high expectations, and Jerry Roth certainly delivered. This was a great collection. This is a collection of nine short

The Dangers of Smoking in Bed by Mariana Enriquez

Welcome to Buenos Aires, a place of nightmares and twisted imaginings, where missing children come back from the dead and unearthed bones carry terrible curses. Thrumming with murderous intentions, family betrayals, and morbid desires, these stories shine a light on a violent city gripped by urban madness; giving voice to the lost, the oppressed, and the forgotten. Lucid and darkly poetic, unsettling and otherworldly, these tales of revenge, witchcraft, and fetishes are a masterpiece of contemporary gothic and a bewitching exploration of the dark inclinations that threaten to lead us over the edge. This was one of those books that I just can't stop thinking about. I was worried I'd feel disappointed after reading as this book has had so much praise and adoration but after I read it, I realised the hype was real. It me just a day to finish and five minutes before I decided to read it again straightaway. The second read was just as scary as the first. Mariana Enriquez is an autho

Iron Maidens by Sarah Jane Huntingdon

  A 13 story collection of twisted tales, all featuring killer women. Supernatural creations hell-bent on revenge. Cosmic terrors form beneath the surface. Women with unusual afflictions. The kind housewife with a collection of pickling jars. The beginnings of a serial  killer and more. Villains, Vigilantes, Voyeurs and Vengeance. You won't forget these women in a hurry Straightaway I knew I would love this collection of short stories when I read the introduction. Particularly in the horror genre it is always the women who suffer the most particularly when faced with being the final girl but here in this anthology the women rise up and take their revenge against the world, taking down the patriarchy one by one! In Iron Maiden we meet women who are broken down but then they rise up stronger than ever returning the hate dealt out to them. Sarah Jane Huntingdon is an incredibly powerful story teller. Very quickly the reader is completely absorbed into the mind of a predator. In each s

Rookfield by Gordon B. White

The blurb! When Cabot Howard's ex-wife, Leana and their son, Porter, flee the pandemic to the backwoods town of Rookfield, Cabot sets off after them. Once there, however, Leana is in hiding, her family won't hand Porter over, and the townsfolk are deadly serious about always wearing masks. The children all dress like little plague doctors and the adults are hellbent on getting Cabot out by nightfall. Despite being alone and under attack, Cabot won't leave without his son. Nothing - not ex-in-laws, not the sheriff, not even whatever monstrosity might lurk in the woods behind the barn- will stop Cabot from getting them out of ...Rookfield. Cabot is on a mission to find his son and bring him home. Set during the pandemic Cabot doesn't care about the virus and certainly not the lockdown rules and regulations. It doesn't take long to conclude he's a bit of an arsehole. He's furious that his ex wife Leana has taken their son away from the city and back out across

Piece of Me ( Sermons of Sorrow book One) by Steve Stred

Over a decade ago, Kari's husband and son went hunting and never returned. As she prepares for another long winter she longs for their return. Then one day things change. The night creatures who live in the dark have visited the day and a mysterious figure who arrives may hold the key to reuniting her with her family. For Kari, the question becomes - just how far will she go to be reunited? Wow I read this book in two sittings because it was so gripping it left me breathless. Piece of Me was unlike anything I've read by Steve Stred, and I've read a lot of his fiction such as Of Witches  , The Window in the Ground  and The One that Knows no Fear . This guy is a seriously versatile author! I loved Kari straightaway,  she's a fearless warrior who relies on no one but herself. She's learnt to survive in a hungry harsh world, she's gone through catastrophe and she still fights to hold on each day, never giving up hope of being reunited with her lost ones. I knew very