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The Outsiders Edited by Joe Mynhardt

The Outsiders is a really cleverly written horror anthology featuring some pretty fine horror talent from critically authors such as Stephen Bacon, James Everington, Gary Fry, V.H.Leslie, Rosanne Rabinowitz and Kevin Lucia contributing the introduction.I loved how these stories were written by different authors but the stories work really well together creating a really quirky horror anthology. What's really clever about this is that the five stories all are centred around a mysterious cult like gated community known as Priory. In this very small and secular society they worship a strange eldritch sea creature who communicates via colours offering them wisdom and enlightenment in return. The cult is headed up by a nefarious Charles Erich who is worshipped, adored and feared by his fellow residents all hand picked by him to come an live inside Priory an exclusive neighbourhood that everyone wants to live in. At first glance it seems the perfect neighbourhood, no crime, ever

Quiet Places by Jasper Bark

"In the quiet of the forest, the darkest fears are born." Sally thought she'd found her happily ever after when she finally moves with her boyfriend, David McCavendish,back to his ancestral home of Dunballan, a remote town in the Scottish Highlands. She struggles to adapt to country life after spending many years in London. Once more she is the outsider, everyone  is guarding a secret, even David, the family curse of the McCavendish clan. The curse soon takes hold of David and Sally must work with ancient primitive magic to save the man she loves. This is yet another great book from Crystal Lake Publishing who are building up quite a reputation as publishers of great horror fiction. I've read many of their titles fiction and non-fiction and they're all brilliant. What really stood out for me straight away was how original the book was, for a novella it really packs a punch. There's some pretty deep questions raised in here which will le

Some Will Not Sleep by Adam L.G.Neville

Hailed as the UK's answer to Stephen King, this guy deserves to be a horror star in his own right. His stories are genuinely really creepy and it's not often that I come across horror stories than genuinely scare me and leave me creeped out long after I've finished reading. But Adam L.G.Nevill is one of them. So far I've read quite a few of his short story anthologies, Before you Sleep, Tales from the Crypt and now, Some Will Not sleep. Each tale is amazing, with Adam Nevill tales there are no duds. He has incredible range as a writer using a variety of settings providing a really diverse landscape of tales. There are 11 short stories featured in here,  some of which you may be familiar if you've already read his free ebook, Before you sleep. A few of these I had already read, such as The Ancestors, Florrie and Where Angels Come in but it didn't matter. I couldn't wait to read them again particularly The Ancestors, a seriously creepy tale. Some Wil