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Juniper by Ross Jeffery

Juniper is the first book in Ross Jeffery’s novella trilogy: a post-apocalyptic horror about an insane American town seemingly at the edge of reality. As Juniper suffers from scorching drought and medieval famine, the townsfolk are forced to rely on the ‘new cattle’ for food: monstrous interbred cats kept by the oppressed Janet Lehey. But there’s a problem: Janet’s prized ginger tom, Bucky, has gone missing, flown the coop. As Janet and her deranged ex-con husband Klein intensify their search for the hulking mongrel, Betty Davis, an old woman clinging to survival on the outskirts of Juniper, discovers something large and ginger and lying half-dead by the side of the road. She decides to take it home… Juniper is surreal, dark, funny, and at times: excruciatingly grotesque. Buckle up for a wild ride through the dust-ridden roads of a tiny, half-forgotten American town. Wow this is a novella that really packs a punch. If I'm being honest apocalyptic stories aren't re

The Horror Zine's Book of Ghost Stories

  "This collection of ghost stories is fresh, varied, and entertaining. Perfect company for long a winter's night." - Owen King, co-author with Stephen King of the New York Times #1 Bestseller Sleeping Beauties Twenty-six brand-new tales of ghosts, spirits, and the afterlife to chill even the most hardened reader to their very marrow. Grandmasters and newcomers alike serve well to petrify with stories to keep you lying awake in the dead of night - long after the last of the light has died - listening for that telltale scratching at the door, a soft whisper of disembodied voices, and the icy caress of long-dead fingers upon your ankle… The Horror Zine’s Book of Ghost Stories is delighted to present to you original, never before seen, spine-tingling tales from Bentley LIttle, Joe R. Lansdale, Elizabeth Massie, Graham Masterton with Dawn G. Harris, Tim Waggoner, and the very best up and coming writers in the genre. Includes a foreword by Lisa Morton.. The Horror Zine and Hel

Of Witches by Steve Stred

  Of Witches…  the newest collection by dark fiction author, Steve Stred, brings together eight stories all revolving around one of history’s great curiosities – the witch. Steve Stred will once again take you into the deepest, darkest places. Accompanied by fifteen stunning photographs/illustrations, as well as an amazing foreword from Miranda Crites, this collection is sure to quench your crone thirst. Within this collection you’ll find tales about; -A watery reunion -A story shared in a bar -Letters left after a family member dies -A chance encounter while camping -Three sisters who live on the outskirts of town -The events that follow the loss of a loved one -Strange occurrences at a property -A teenager starting to work at the family business Of Witches…  is sure to become both a Halloween classic as well as a collection classic. I've been a fan of Steve Stred's work for many years, starting with Left Hand Path:13 More Tales of  Black Magick, a collection of dark tales whi

Asylum of Shadows by Stephanie Ellis

  Amongst the slums of Limehouse stands a new hospital, a monument to Victorian philanthropy. Marian, destitute and about to be orphaned as her father succumbs to the ravages of syphilis, is taken there by Dr. Janssen. This eminent physician offers her work and a roof over her head. Employed as a seamstress, she stitches shrouds for the dead and hoods for the hangman. Marian is taken to the ward of St. Carcifex. This shadowy ward receives the recently deceased, particularly those who have hung from the gallows. Her task in this gloomy place is to watch over them, make sure the dead stay dead. On Marian’s first night, she is charged with the care of two murderers, who, despite their hanging, do not appear to have the expected deathly pallor. On the second night, these guests are joined by innocent, hard-working men, victims of an unfortunate dock accident. Marian is enraged that such should be forced to share the ward. As her own mind falls victim to the ravages of the disease which kil

Helminth by S.Alessandro Martinez

  Rei would do anything for those she loves. As her best friend, Abby, struggles to cope with the sudden loss of her husband, Rei and her closest girlfriends take her to a beautiful lakeside house nestled in the forests of the Pacific Northwest, hoping that a weekend of support from long-time friends will help Abby along her road of emotional recovery. But as the young women get settled, Rei begins to notice there’s something wrong with the place. Could this peaceful, idyllic location be hiding an ancient evil below the waters of the lake? Or are the problems wholly within Abby herself, who seems to be losing her grip on reality? When unexplainable, nightmarish things occur, Rei realizes this weekend getaway may turn into their last outing.   New from Omnium Gatherum  is S.Alessandro Martinnez's debut novel! I've read a few stories from Martinez over the years and was really excited to have the chance to read his debut novel. I really enjoyed this novel about four friends who c

The Bone Factory by Yolanda Sfetsos

  Max Patella just wants to do her job, which includes dealing with cases the corrupt police don't want to dirty their hands with. When she stumbles on a bunch of skeletons found in different warehouses, all wearing mysterious rings, Max finds herself in a dangerous and deadly situation that leads back to her... I've become a huge fan of Demain Publishing over the years with their Short Sharp Shocks Series of little bites of horror and now it's time for me to check out their Murder! Mystery! Mayhem! Series. This time I'm reading The Bone Factory by Yolanda Sfetsos! In the crime ridden city of Lorn, ruled over by corrupt power and patriarchy, a young woman, Max Patella is trying to solve crimes the police don't want to touch.  Whenever something weird goes down, Max Patella gets a call, and her latest case may be the strangest one she will ever have to deal with. Inside the Dollhouse, a skeleton is discovered, it's presumed to be accidental but when the bones sta