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Why you should never forget to dream

I came across this article the other day and had to share it as it's really inspired me and hopefully will inspire whoever reads this. D.M.Barratt always dreamt of writing a novel but with family and work commitments she never found the time, but she never gave up on her dreams and at a grand old age of 84, she completed her first novel - The Girl on the Moors - which is available on Amazon on kindle and paperback . It currently only costs £3.74, a proper bargain.   The Girl on the Moors is a tale set in Cornwall about a young girl called Sophie Wallender who decides to leave her home in search of her grand mother. On her journey she discovers dark secrets and is plunged into danger. This just goes to show that you are never too old to give up on your dreams, and that if you really put your mind to something, you will achieve. And this may sound incredibly corny, but the very word IMPOSSIBLE spells I'M-POSSIBLE. Mrs Barratt is an incredible woman to not only have t

Jamaica Inn by Daphne Du Maurier

"There was a silence on the tors that belonged to another age; an age that is past and vanished as though it has never been, an age when man did not exist, but pagan footsteps trod upon the hills. And there was a stillness in the air, and a stranger, older peace, that was not the peace of God." On the wild Bodmin Moors of Cornwall that have defeated man and where nature reigns triumphant, is an inn standing solitary against the ravaging winds and cold unforgiving days. But it is solitary inn for no desperate traveller dares to visit, there are secrets and malice in Jamaica Inn and Mary Yellan is about to discover them. It is incredible that Daphne Du Maurier wrote this modern day classic when she was just 29, it's truly a masterpiece. Du Maurier is probably better known for writing Rebecca, but for me, her masterpiece is Jamaica Inn. It is a beautifully haunting and gothic modern classic. The imagery is so alive, I read this and weep, hoping that I could have