The Growth by Adam Hulse


I've very recently watched the rather excellent Netflix series, Black Summer, a dark relentless ride of what life could be like following an apocalyptic wave spreading across the globe, and The Growth by Adam Hulse is very similar.

Would society stick together when faced with a situation that could wipe out the entire human race or would they turn on each other with anger and malice? In Adam Hulse's The Growth it's definitely the latter.

Trouble starts when a growth is found in the sewers, the biggest fatberg ever to be discovered. A specialist team is sent down to deal with the matter but their attempts are feeble against it. Nothing can stop the growth as is travels across the UK!

As readers we get to witness this atrocity through the lives of different people fighting for their lives and for their loved ones. A woman desperately searches for her missing girlfriend, in these times its very dangerous to be on the streets as a woman, but she is a boxing champion ready to kick ass. A lonely guy down on his luck suddenly comes to life when news of the growth spreads, he thinks he may have the answer to defeating it, but first he must get to the last few people in power.

This book is such a fast paced ride, you get the sense that anything could happen at any moment and if the characters try to relax for just one moment it could end in death! I had a lot of fun reading this and can't wait to get stuck into the sequel to see what happens next!


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