The Broken Darkness by Theresa Braun


I've been a big fan of Theresa Braun for a long time and finally she has released her debut short story collection featuring 13 tales of horror! One of Theresa's many talents is that she's a master of creating characters you can really connect with. These stories fell really real to me like they could be real accounts! She's also great a sprinkling a little humour in her tales too.

What I really liked with this collection was the variety. There's a lot of horror covered in these tales from a variety of tropes, we have vampires, serial killers, crazy conspiracy theories, the darkness within us all. In here you'll find short tales that pack a punch and longer tales to really sink your teeth into.

Whilst I loved all these tales my standout favourites were Stillborn, this tale had me enthralled it was so out there and very cleverly written. Celestial Assignment had a lot of heart as well as darkness. Guilty as Cell was also a joy to read, of a fun night out gone very wrong with far reaching consequences.

I also really enjoyed Dying for a Invitation, a vampire story like no other. This one had a lot of heart but also moves at a quick pace as Dacie has a big decision to make.

This is a really fun anthology to read and if you're looking for something longer, Theresa has also written a novel called Fountain Dead. Check it out!


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