Ashthorne by April Yates


In the wake of her beloved brother's death Adelaide Frost escapes her troubled home life by taking a position at Ashthorne, once a grand stately home now in the wake of The Great War it is now a convalescence home for wounded soldiers.

Upon arrival doubts and suspicions begin to creep in for Adelaide. There are only four patients despite the house being huge. Adelaide is not allowed to participate in the clandestine treatments administered by Doctor Roskopf and his assistant Nurse McGovern in the damp cellar of Asthorne House.

Adelaide doesn't even think Doctor Roskopf is a real doctor, the patient's conditions seem to be getting worse, she should leave this place and find employment elsewhere but then she meets Evelyn Asthorne, the daughter of the owner of the house. Quickly they fall in love and discover there are many more secrets waiting for them in Asthorne House.

This is was a really quick but enjoyable read. Perfect for fans of gothic horror. I liked how the plot moved quickly in ways I did not expects, there are so many twists and turns to be discovered. Can't wait to read more stories by April!


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