How to Use Different Types of Speech in Fiction?

In this post, speech is meant as the actual way in which dialogue is spoken in fiction. To learn about the three main functions of dialogue in fiction click here

There are three different ways in which you can use speech in fiction;

  •  Monologue/ interior - This is where readers are able to see exactly what a particular character is thinking and gives an added insight for the reader to that character and their private thoughts.
The door slammed shut, there was no way out, Lucy was trapped.

Unbelievable! How am I going to get the package out?

  • Indirect - This is simply speech that is reported and is not annotated with speech marks.
The witch explained that her magic was only used to curse people, not caravans.

  • Direct - This is the most commonly used type of speech and is shown between speech marks.
"The Goblins have arrived," Balthazar said.
"I know," his master concluded.


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