How to Measure Your Progress as a Hopeful Writer?

As an aspiring writer its easy to think that you're going nowhere but you may surprise yourself with how much you have achieved.

January is traditionally the time for self evaluation and improvement so I thought I'd apply it to my writing. Back in November I set myself three goals and amazingly I have achieved all three, but not only that I'd learnt a lot on the way.

Have a think yourself, you'll be amazed with how much you have learnt about your craft.

In the last three months  I have learnt how to;
  •  Professionally present my work when submitting to magazines
  • Write my own author's bio
  • How to find magazines to submit to
  • Learnt to deal with rejection :(
  • Write with a specific theme in mind
  • Establishing a regular writing routine
It's important  to judge your  work and progress by what you have achieved, not by what you haven't achieved.

Never give up, never give in.


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