White Pines by Gemma Amor

 A woman, returning to her roots. A town, built on sacred land. A secret, cloaked in tradition and lore.

Welcome to White Pines.

Don't get too comfortable.

When Megan is brutally dumped by her husband she decides to pack her van and drive up to Scotland, the home of her ancestors where she moves into her late Gran's seaside cottage. But dreams of an idyllic rural life are shattered when she meets the locals.

Her heartbreak and broken marriage will soon be the least of her problems...

I really loved this book and devoured it in two days, I probably could have read it in one day if it weren't for having to homeschool my kids during lockdown ;)  

I don't want to say too much about the plot so as not to spoil it but it moves in unexpected ways which kept me as the reader guessing. I loved how there were so many different literary elements, it had crime, mystery, adventure, heartbreak, folklore and of course horror. There's a lot of horror, a lot of moments that made me squeal and flinch, lots of different horror to scare the hell out of everyone! I really felt like I was transported to this tiny village.

As someone born and raised in the country I truly understand the horror of living in a small secluded community and Gemma has captured this perfectly. The claustrophobic feeling of living in a goldfish bowl where everyone, and I mean everyone, knows everything about you. Although thankfully where I grew up, the land was free of cults and monsters, as far as I know!

The ending was really magnificent and blew my mind. I never saw that coming. I really felt like I went on a journey with Megan, the main character who really transforms the tale into something epic.

What makes the story for me was Megan, she felt like a real woman with flaws which made her so easy to relate to. I like that she is a woman of action and gets things done herself. I see all too often female protagonists portrayed to reflect what society perceive as the ideal woman, but Megan likes to walk her own path as every woman should. 


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