The Night Crawler by P.A.Sheppard


The problem with the end of the world is that it's a gradual process. It keeps getting worse. It tests you until you break, just to see if you can put yourself back together.

Caz and her father do what they must to survive the fall of humanity. Hunting when they can, and scavenging supplies from the derelict shells of a deserted city they rely on each other to make it to the end of each day.

The end of each day. A time when darkness falls and the monsters responsible for the collapse of society emerge to hunt.

Wow I was not prepared for this book! Aphotic Realm are launching a series of novellas and this is the first one I have read so far and it really blew me away. I cannot wait to see what else they will be publishing.

Nightcrawler is a really intense read. Survival hangs in the balance each day and the odds are really stacked against Caz and her father. This is horror but it's also a frantic action packed story which creates a thrilling ride. 

Considering the covid pandemic this story somehow feels all the more real. We are living in strange times that no one is able to control. 

After a catastrophic event we are told very little about Caz and her father are forging a meagre survival in their ruined city. No place is safe as they cling to life. All that matters is finding food and staying safe at night from the nightcrawlers.

The plot moves so quickly through this tale, every situation is fraught with complications. Every chapter ends with a monumental cliffhanger so once you start you have to carry on. I like how we as the reader are never really sure on what has happened to plunge the entire world in this darkness. 

 All Caz wants to do is survive the monsters that have overtaken the world. Every decision she makes leads to danger.

However monsters take many forms, Caz must act quickly to danger, must learn to trust the right people and fight for those who matter. 

The ending is brutal and fitting with this story as it is not over for the survivors, each day for the rest of their lives will be a battle in a world no longer their own. Nature has reclaimed the towns and cities and forest closes in from all sides.


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