Shotgun Strange Stories Magazine Issue 1

Attention everyone there's a brand new magazine for those who love strange and scary stories, it's called Shotgun Strange Stories edited by David Wilson. It's available in print for only $4 and good news for those across the atlantic, I purchased the digital bundle which includes a pdf, epub and mobi copy for only $2 which as around £1.50 in sterling. Absolute bargain!

I'm reviewing the kindle version. There's so much more included in the paper version with really cool features such as word searches and illustrations. You'll be able to see this in the pdf copy if you go for the digital bundle.

Road Trip by Matthew Standiford

Greg is learning to live again after a brutal loss in his life. He's gone through a really bad patch but has come out broken but in one piece. As long as he has his dear wife, Kirstin beside him to guide him out of the darkness. This was a great tale to start off the first issue. I found this really moving and the ending tears you apart.

The Ordinary by Michael Carter

Road Trip is a hard story to follow but Michael Carter's tale, The Ordinary delivers! A dystopian tale about a broken society trying to survive in harsh times. This one sent shivers down my spine. 

Fertilizer by Ian Bain

This is a gripping tale which is dramatic form start to finish. A eager gardener soon regret unleashing a potent fertilizer in his garden which has far reaching consequences. I really loved this!

Roadblock by Christopher Powers

I've encountered Christopher Powers tale before int he critically acliamed Monsters Exist anthology by Deadman's Tome with his tale, Bitten. For me it was one of the stand out tales and Roadblock is equally as brilliant. A hit man takes the wrong job on the wrong night!

City Boy by Ron Clinton

Glen needs some time away from the city to reflect but finds that out in the country things are just as hectic. This tale was really fun to read and I loved the dark comedy within.

Diorama by Cody Daigle-Orians

I really liked this tale told through the perspective of a little boy who feels lost in life. He's all alone and has no one to fight his corner until he makes a friend. A really creepy story!

Red Mailbox by John Bender

Man this is a dark tale! A very original tale and I'm going to be avoiding all red mailboxes int he future!

We are Heros by Brodie Lowe

A really cool tale with elements of science fiction. Viggo, a young man working in a comic store has his day turned upside down when he receives a strange visitor.

 There's also an offering of really cool articles dealing with all things horror: 
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