A Mother's Love:Author Interview with Micah Castle: Tales From the Realm Vol 1

To celebrate the release of Aphotic Realm's first anthology featuring twenty dark twisted tales of strange and sinister fiction, I'm chatting with Micah Castle, author of, A Mother's Love.

Hi Micah, tell us a bit about yourself

When I'm not reading or writing, I love to be outside and hiking. I could spend hours aimlessly walking through the woods, if given the opportunity. Besides that, I enjoy spending time with my wife and my animals.

Who are your biggest influences when it comes to writing?

Although there are dozens, the primary ones are; HP Lovecraft, Ray Bradbury, Jack London, Philip K.Dick and A.A.Merritt.

Name a great horror book, short story or magazine you've read recently

There's two, sorry! 14 by Peter Clines and Fevre Dream by G.R.R.Martin 

How long have you been writing for?

I started taking my writing seriously about five years ago, before that I was writing on and off for about a year or two.

What's typical writing day for you?

A typical day is I wake up at 6:30AM, get breakfast and start the coffee pot, then browse writing/reading orientated subreddits and Facebook groups until I'm done eating and the coffee's done. At around 7AM, I actually start writing, until about 9AM. I do this six days a week, the other is usually saved for early morning hikes.

Do you have a story that you are particularly proud of?

There's two again, sorry! They're not out yet, but will be when my third collection releases on June 8th of this year. "Three White Demons," and "The White Sea." The former's a story about a set of three pillars that appear on Earth, and an English professor is too obsessed with being like the science fiction protagonists he loves, which leads to something far weirder that he ever anticipated. 

The latter is about a writer who buys a passage on a ship to Alaska to find something worthwhile to write about, but the Captain has other hideous plans for his crew and him, using them as tokens for a passage to a strange, far away island.

Do you have any upcoming projects?

My third collection is titled, The Abyss Beyond the Reflection and will be released on June 8, 2018. It has ten stories in total, and is a combination of weird fiction, horror, and sci-fi. It's my best work to date, and it will be released through Amazon.

If you could throw an amazing dinner party, who would you invite? Guests can be living, dead or fiction.

I'm not one for parties, but if I could sit down with Ray Bradbury, Jack London, William Hope Hodgson and/or H.G.Wells and hear about their lives and pick their brains about their work, that would be amazing. Also,even though I would be dwarfed by his personality, if I could talk to a young Hunter S.Thompson about his work that would be something, too.

Tell us about your story what was the inspiration behind it?

The inspiration came from Kristi DeMeester's Everything That's Underneath. I really enjoyed that collection and the way Kristi writes, so I emulated that the best I could in my own writing for "A Mother's Love." But for the plot itself, I had this image of an isolated mother and daughter living in the woods, going about their daily lives, and praying to Mother Nature for protection, guidance and so forth. The story sort of came to me as I began writing it.

I originally wrote it for a Halloween contest that I ended up not winning, then after some googling, I found Aphotic Realm and now we are here.

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