Thinking About Joining a Writing Group?

 I've been writing on and off for years but recently I've decided to take my writing a lot more seriously. I still write just for the fun of it but I am interested to see how far I could take it if I were to treat it like a career.

A few days ago I took the plunge and joined a writing group. I'd been toying with the idea of joining one for some time. Previously I'd heard mixed reviews about whether they're a good idea and was a bit too shy to join. I wasn't sure if I could handle critisicm at such an early stage of my writing. I also felt it would be hard to criticize other people's work.

It was so nerve wracking posting my first chapter work in the group. Literally I am the only person that has read the first draft of my novel. It's so different to posting a short story. My novel is like my baby, short stories are like one night stands. If people don't like my short stories I'm not too fussed, but to hate my novel would be devastating.

I also got the chance to read others, and was blown away by the quality. Suddenly I felt really happy that these people would critique my work I had a lot to learn from them.

Straight away I was given points to work on which once pointed out to me,seemed so obvious. It's all too easy to get so close to your work that you're not be able to stand back and see the big picture. To see what someone else sees when they read your work is invaluable.

I got good and bad critiques but all were constructive and incredibly helpful.

What I hadn't bargained on was a renewed passion for finishing my book. I don't whether it will be good enough to send off to a publisher but I'm having so much fun writing it. That's all that matters, doing what you love.

Though if I can drastically improve on it  I'd love to take it to the next stage.

I have a feeling this is going to be a very intense process, there's going to be highs and lows. But most importantly it will mean that I'll finish writing my book. I have a strict schedule to stick to which is great as things will definitely get done.


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