Sanitarium Magazine - Issue 32

Sanitarium Digital Issue

Sanitarium is a magazine that brings you the best cutting edge horror fiction, dark verse and macabre entertainment. It's a fantastic read and I recommend to anyone who loves horror. It's out on the 20th of every month and is available in print and download from Amazon.

In issue 32 there are eight brilliant short stories, incredible dark verse from William.J.Hugel, H.H.Bond, Colin Browen. There are two interviews with award winning writer Craig Davidson and Benjamin Percy, and if that's not enough there's numerous articles and reviews.

As well as fantastic cover art by the hugely talented Kevin Spencer.

Help support horror's finest and talented authors by buying your copy!

Flesh or Fantasy by Gwendolyn Kiste

We all have our wildest fantasies known to no one but ourselves, but what would happen if they came true? Would our lives be changed for the better?  Should our dreams remains in our heads or come out and join reality?

This brilliant short story explores those ideas right to its bitter end. And if you enjoyed this story and I'm sure you will, Gwendolyn Kiste's work has previously been featured in Sanitarium's issue 29 with the rather excellent and creepy Audrey at Night

You can find out more about Gwendolyn Kiste by visiting her website

C.A.M.P by Kent Rosenberger

A gripping tale of betrayal revenge and survival. Four kids and their scout master go camping in the woods, what could possibly go wrong. As I read this I felt really involved with the story. It starts off with three boys picking on a sweet little boy, Baxter. At first I thought this was going to involve Baxter dishing out some cold revenge "Carrie style" but it's much more deliciously sinister, and the ending is just great

Kent Rosenberger is one prolific author and you can find out more by visiting his Goodreads Author Page and Amazon Author Page

Love Eternal by Pedro Iniguez

Mary has a secret crush on a new neighbour. She dreams of a new life, but is she beyond salvation? She only wants to love and be loved. Is it too much to ask for a love eternal? A quirky and dark tale with a truly macabre ending.

Peripheral Vision by Julie McNeely-Kirwan

How can you escape when you're being hunted by something incomprehensible. A short and punchy tale that expertly explores our fear of the unknown.

Grave Prodigies by Quinn Ramsay

An old letter has resurfaced and sheds light on a disturbing piece of our history, that offers an alternative view of what really happened. A original tale , even more frightening as it seems so realistic, loved the foot notes!

Sick Love Potion by Justin Hamelin

It's often said that love sustains us and in this great tale it has terrifying consequences. Extremely creepy and dark this is a must read. 

Avoidance by Michael Shimek

People often say ignorance is bliss but what if you can't avoid knowing things that other people don't want the answers to? Simon's afraid and he's got good reason to be.

Friends of Murder by Steven J.Anzalone

There's something truly alien in the narrative of this character. He sees the world very differently to how we see it. I was blown away by the quality of prose in this short piece. There is no limits to Steven J.Anzalone's imagination. A truly terrifying tale.


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