Never Forget to Check Your Grammar and Punctuation

I have recently been blessed again with the news that every aspiring writer dreams of hearing; one of my short stories had been  accepted for publication.

I was thrilled. I'd sent off my story in the belief  that it wasn't very good but I had written it specifically for that magazine and it would be better to submit and be rejected than to leave it and regret not trying.

My joy soon turned to horror when the editor informed me they needed to make 18 revisions due to my poor grammar and punctuation. To be honest I had given birth to my second child three weeks ago meaning I was now functioning on very little sleep as well as being pre-occupied with not one, but now two little bundles of joy. In that position it's easy to make mistakes and not realise whilst writing.

However the fact remains,  a unprofessional inexperienced writer in very quickly exposed through terrible screaming grammar and punctuation use in their work.

18 Revisions!

I was horrified, I thought I had been diligent in previously revising grammar and punctuation use. I thought I had it sussed and committed to memory. I was wrong.

Though I had learnt a very valuable lesson. Never forget to check your use of grammar and punctuation.

I guess some more revision is needed for me to avoid any more mishaps in the future. Bad grammar and punctuation can make your work really stand out, but for the wrong reasons.

Luckily in my case the editor was a lovely kind woman who was forgiving and willing to look past my errors and give me a chance. Next time I probably wouldn't be so lucky.

So the moral of this post? Always check your grammar  and punctuation and always revise what you think you know. Correct use of grammar and punctuation is just as imporarant as your style and substance.

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