Lady Luck Strikes Again

Recently I received my second dose of good fortune, one of my short stories has been accepted by a magazine. This is my second short story to be published and I'm over the moon.

You can read it here, titled Hold Me Tight by S.J.Budd  at Siren's Call Publications which produces a free ezine available on their website, it's well worth a read and includes flash fiction, short stories, poetry, artwork and interviews with WiHM founder Hannah Neurotic and writer/director/filmmaker Heidi Lee Douglas.

The issue in which I am fortunate enough to be included in is  celebrating Women in Horror Month which you may have heard about. It aims to provide women with the opportunity of exposure in a heavily male dominated genre.

If you'd like to submit to Siren's Call Publications, and why not, you can visit the Short Dark Fiction Markets  for more details or go straight to their submission page


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