Daughters of Darkness by Theresa Derwin, Ruschelle Dillon, Stephanie Ellis and Alyson Faye


A quartet of established female horror writers from both sides of the Atlantic have joined supernatural forces to bring you - Daughters of Darkness - a publication from the women-run indie press Black Angel.

These stories will take you across the centuries, from Whitechapel to New Orleans, from dark humour to Gothic, weaving the weird with the macabre.

Within these pages, meet the myriad monsters these female writers have conjured, letting them loose to roam and cast long shadows.

Beware - this is only the beginning...

Daughters of Darkness was one of those anthologies that I read all too quickly as I couldn't wait to see what the next tale would be about. In these pages we have four female writers all hugely talented but all able to stand out with their tales of darkness.I had so much reaidng this and really hope there will be a Daughters of Darkness 2!!!!!

Theresa Derwin starts off the anthology with her offering of 5 dark tales and poetry - Freaks and Geeks, Whitechapel Transfer, Tummy Bug, Isolation, Something Fishy This Way Comes and And the Giant Said to Jack...

I absolutely loved all these tales and was very excited to discover a new horror author to follow! I loved how the two tales of Whitechapel Transfer and Something Fishy this way Comes intertwined with each other. Whitechapel Transfer is a brand new take on the sinister legend of Jack the Ripper which I loved. Isolation deals with the sudden realisation that things aren't right in your life but you feel powerless when it comes to change. 

My absolute favourite tale from this bunch had to be Tummy Bug which was just so creepy! I don't want to say too much about it and ruin the shocks!

Next up is Ruschelle Dillon, in here you'll find six of her tales; Catatonic, Is That Your Dead Wife or Are You Pleased to See Me? Tim and the Tempest, The Dollhouse, Hair of the Dog ,and Seasons of the Sun. I found these so much fun, all full of horror but laced with dark humour. I really enjoyed Tim and the Tempest where our protagonist makes the trip of a lifetime. Catatonic really gave me the chills too!

Stephanie Ellis offer up two tales; Painted Ladies and Beyond Hope. Beyond Hope really blew me away, Stephanie Ellie is a genius when it comes to folk horror and this tale really hit the mark! Loved it. Painted Ladies was just so dark!

Last but not least is Alyson Faye with her tales; It's In The Walls, Mr Dandy, The Raven's at Bellows Crypt and The Blasted Tree, as well as two poems, A Forest in France 1917 and Under the Corset. It's really hard to pick a favourite out of these as they are so varied in style and setting yet all amazing. The Blasted Tree is such  haunting tale about a family trying to survive against a run of very bad luck. 


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