Eat the Rich by Renee Miller

I first became familiar with Renee Miller after reading Church, which was really fantastic, it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way through and Eat the Rich is no exception.

"When Ed Anderson discards his life to become a homeless person, he has no idea of the shit storm about to happen. Almost overnight, the city's homeless population spikes.

So does the murder rate.

Ed learns that aliens posing as homeless people are eating the city's wealthiest residents. He tries to warn the police, but they think he's crazy.

The situation is worse than Ed describes, though.

He's right about the aliens. They're here to free humans from wealth and poverty. The flesh of the rich is just a tasty reward for their hard work. And if humans refuse to embrace the utopia imagined for them, there is a plan B:

Eat the Rich from Hindered Souls Press, is based on an alien invasion like no other. It's told from both sides, the aliens and the unfortunate humans involved. Each chapter is based around a different character's who all have their own distinct personalities. I particularly liked Marin, the no-nonsense straight talking detective trying to make sense of mounting cases of mysterious murders where only the bones are left.

Of course we know what's going on as the reader which makes the book really fun. What I also liked is the very dark sense of humour prevailing throughout. I think we've all had fantasies of toppling the 1% of the population who own 99% of the world's wealth, but this book questions how would that scenario actually play out. Capitalism is always thought of as an evil force but are there any better alternatives right now?

So, back to the story a group of alien covertly launch an invasion. They come looking for human meat but only the very rich can satisfy their taste buds. Sometimes these aliens come off as strangely sweet they have the best intentions to improve life for us human except no one wanted their help.

The book is really fun and all the chapters are short and snappy which creates a really fast paced novel. I can't wait to read more by her! What I really like about Renee Miller is that she's not just a really good writer, but she's also a really good storyteller which to me are two very separate things. I haven't seen many writers who have both talents. A great book!

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