Sparkles and Sunshine by S.J.Budd

Very pleased to announce that my latest tale, Sparkles and Sunshine, is out now at Liquid Imagination  where reality and fantasy blur. 

Dave makes a pilgrimage back to his mother land with his young son and ever distant wife. As they catch sight of the beach where he spent most of his childhood, she drops a bombshell that rips his world apart.

All he wants to do is take his son to the beach and make sandcastles.

Image by Sue Babcock at Liquid Imagination

You can read Sparkles and Sunshine here

About the Author

S.J.Budd is a writer of all things weird and creepy. Previously her tales have been featured on Deandman's Tome,  Sanitarium Magazine, Dark Gothic Resurrected, Liquid Imagination, Aphotic Realm, Aurora Wolf, Aphelion, Blood Moon Rising Magazine, The Wild Hunt, Danse Macabre, Shadows at the Door, Inner Sins, Bewildering Stories, Siren's Call and many more.
She lives at  and  @sjbuddj 
Spells and Persuasions, her debut collection of short stories of horror and dark fantasy is available now in paperback and kindle from Amazon


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