The Forgotten House

Hi Folks,

So far 2017 has been a promising year, I've had four short stories accepted into magazines and my latest, The Forgotten House, has recently been published at Aphotic Realm - the home of strange and sinister fiction. This is an exciting brand new magazine which I'm very pleased to be a part of. 

There was one house that always caught Kirsten’s imagination. It stood out against its handsome neighbours, which had all been modified and improved with extensions and conservatories. It seemed forgotten and abandoned by everyone else, and because of that Kirsten felt a strange affinity to it. For she too had been forgotten.

If you enjoyed this tale then you might be interested in Spells and Persuasions: 9 short stories of dark fantasy. This is my debut collection of short and terrifying short stories available for just  99p on Amazon!


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