Mechanisms of Despair by Gary Buller

So I started reading Mechanisms of Despair just before going to bed, which was a big mistake as I found myself plunged into an existential crisis. Why is there so much darkness in the world? Is everyone really out to kill me? What's on the other side? Should I ever stay in hotel again?  Is Christmas safe? What really happened in the war? And so forth and so forth.

But by morning I had recovered enough to carry on with this dark collection of short stories. There are seven tales in all. Which I gruesomely enjoyed. Gary Buller has a great talent for creating really foreboding scenes which make you feel a bit queasy. His imagery when it comes to gore is very precise giving his writing a really visual feel, which is kind of terrifying.

Suffice to say this is a really powerful debut, all killers, no fillers! The highlights for me in this collection are The Way Out and The Way in. I love the subtle ways in which these two tales are connected. The Present was also utterly terrifying, it feels like a tale that could happen to any family.  
Included in this collection is a bonus tale from Holly Buller who clearly shows that the writing gene runs in the family. Well done Holly, great story.

So if like me you enjoy being terrified, this is the book for you. When you buy a copy you'll helping two great charities as all proceeds will be donated to these great causes, Alzheimer's Foundation and Sarcoma UK.

Mechanisms of Despair is available now at Amazon

About the Author

Gary Buller is an author from Manchester England where he lives with his long suffering partners Lisa, and his daughter Holly. He is a huge fan of all things macabre having grown up reading King and Koontz and loves a tale with a twist.


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