The Wild Hunt

Today is a special day for me as I've reached the milestone of having 13 short stories published in the two years I've been writing.

When I first started out my tales were truly terrible but I feel that from an awful lot of rejection I've learnt a lot about the craft of writing and now I feel I'm starting to have something to show for it. I feel very honoured to have had just one story accepted and getting my work published is absolutely the best motivator to keep me tapping away at the keyboard.

My latest tale, The Mound, is now proudly featured in the epic Wild Hunt Magazine. This is a great site and has some great fiction already published. They are a selection of beautiful haunting stories, best described as ethereal. Having read all the stories already published on their site I'm really chuffed to be included amongst them.

The Wild Hunt is an online literary magazine that celebrates the weird, surreal,the other, and imaginary worlds. Its aim is to feature writing and artwork that includes strange occurrences, mysterious places, magic, creatures and monsters, the uncanny, fairies, folklore, horror, the ghostly and ghoulish, and any whirlwind adventures. There are no boundaries to the fantastic.

Please go and check out their wonderful site at and read all their wonderful stories, particularly mine, hehehe. And if you like them do share and comment as it means an awful lot to us writers.

The weather is fine and sunny today and as a reward I'll be toasting myself a large  rum cocktail as I watch the sun go down on sunny London.


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