Inner Sins # Issue 22

Inner Sins is a free webzine of all things dark and features many great dark tales from new writers and those more established on the  writing scene.

I was lucky enough to be published in Issue 21  with my story Madam Spizak's Home for Little Boys and Girls which you can read for free here

You can read Inner Sins # Issue 22 here

Issue 22 is packed with great stories by  Jim Musgrave, Alexsander Cosic and Katie Palmer-Stevens. Plus great dark poetry from Milenko Zupanovic, Michael Lee Johnson and D.B.Heath.

Issue 22 also features part 10 of the Black Desert Sagas, you can read each installment here

The Sunset Unlimited by Jim Musgrave

Bill has a life long love for trains and is devasted with the ending of the Sunset Limited a train that has travelled across America for thirty years. Along with his darling wife Arlene they take a trip on the  last ever Sunset Limited  voyage to discuss their future together. They long for a child of their own and will do anything to have one.

However during their trip they meet some very interesting characters and learn that everyone on board, even the staff are to receive a prize when they leave.

This great tale is darkly funny and macabre with a few eye popping moments with many twists and suprises. Plus there's a great interview with Jim Musgrave who is the issue's featured writer.

John is Just a Lumberjack by Alexsander Cosic

Mathew and his wife Amy have relocated to northern Washington for a simpler life. Finding work as a lumberjack Mathew meets John who is a strange, closed up person. He lives by himself off grid in the mountains with his dog.

But is John all he seems? He swears that he's just a lumberjack but Mathew isn't so sure. He just can't work him out.

I Wish the Ground Would Swallow Me Up by Katie Palmer-Stevens

Ever experienced a moment so torturously embarassing that you wished the ground would simply swallow you up?

Our 17 year old protagonist has "more hormones than sense." She's had enough of being sensible, she wants to cut loose and go over to the dark side.


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