Venus Falling by Sarah Jane Huntingdon


Welcome aboard the Venus, a space ship deep in space looking for old wrecks to salvage. It's run by a very colourful all female crew and a cat. The ship badly need repairs the women need to make some money. A perfect opportunity presents itself but will they strike it rich or find disaster.

Science Fiction isn't my thing but I really enjoyed reading Venus Falling by Sarah Jane Huntingdon. She's a natural story teller and adds plenty of fun and humour. It's full of really funny moments particularly from Jonesy the headstrong adrenaline seeking pilot! This is a short read so perfect for when you're between books. 

The Venus is a salvage ship roaming through space searching for salvage so they can get rich. Each member of the all female crew has been made an outcast but together they form on mighty strong team. One day they are on the cusp of striking it rich when they encounter a strange cloud. Another ship is approaching also after the same prize and they must go through this mysterious cloud if they are to make it to the site first.

The cloud may be the most beautiful thing they have ever seen, but is it as harmless as it looks?


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