Throwing Shadows by Jerry Roth


Throwing Shadows is a collection of 9 creepy stories that have something for everyone.

A woman develops an unhealthy obsession with a scarecrow. A boy plays with an Ouija board and receives a terrifying warning of murder. A down-on-his-luck- father learns what happens when you die in your sleep. These stories and six more frightening tales await the reader within the pages of Throwing Shadows: A Dark Collection.

Throwing Shadows will feed that hungry dark side that lives in your cellar.

This collection of horror, thriller and science fiction has something for readers seeking tales of suspenseful fiction. With a vintage paperback feel, along with a modern sensibility, these short stories will take readers down a dark path of pulp dread. 

I have never read any fiction by Jerry Roth before but with Brigid's Gate Press putting out so much amazing fiction I had really high expectations, and Jerry Roth certainly delivered. This was a great collection.

This is a collection of nine short stories and each one really went on a journey. The stories did not follow the path I though they would go which made them all really exciting to read. There's a lot of horror in these tales but at the same time they can be really heart warming and comforting before the horror once again is ramped up to the max. These stories are steeped in realism, they all start in everyday situations which makes the terror feel very real. Each story is a rollercoaster of emotions and fear! I can't wait to read more from Jerry Roth!

A Woman's Strength

Throwing Shadows starts off really strong with this first tale, it's hard to predict where this tale is going to go, everything seems perfect in Sara's life until it suddenly isn't. I really loved this tale! 

Sara has married the man of her dreams. She has found her happily ever after, moving from the cold cruel city to lush countryside. Now she lives on a thriving farm surrounded by cornfields. Sara has just given birth to her first child, a beautiful baby girl called Shelly. Through her marriage she's gained a perfect mother in law to help her transition to motherhood but quickly she is struck with post natal depression. Her mind begins to wander to dark places, she seeing things that aren't there, doing things she's not aware of, is it really her, or the scarecrow that watches their farm house? The only thing that can save her is her strength.

Always Say Goodbye

Rummaging around their attic, Matt's family come across  unexpected treasure. The lost writings of the revered Spiritualist, Merill Emerson, the inventor of the Ouija board. Matt's dad also finds a very rare Ouija board and decides to show his son how to play it. As long as you follow the three rules, it's perfectly safe. Always say goodbye.

But Matt is soon drawn in by the Ouija board he plays it night and day after making contact with someone from his past, someone it is impossible for him to say good bye to.

This tale had it all for me, Ouija boards, ghosts, a cold sense of dread! I had no idea where this would go but the ending was epic!

The Keepsake 

Rachel and Marie are thrust together as step-sisters  when their parents marry. Their parents are so excited for their new future together, even Marie who is still coming to terms with her mother's death. However Rachel will not allow anyone to steal her thunder, particularly Marie. However her plans to ruin Marie won't come easily. Marie's late mother was a witch who kept a keepsake box containing all her spells and curses.

Whispers from the Cellar

When Tabitha moves to a new home after her mother remarries it's not the new life she was dreaming of. Still, she mourns for her father who died last year. She had hoped she would finally be allowed a pet but Eli says no. He lays down the law but there's one thing he can't control, the whispers from the cellar. This was such a dark disturbing story! 

The Idiot Box

Jeff has lived his whole life without watching television but when he breaks his leg in a car accident he decides to give it a go. What's the worst that could happen? 

The Teddy Bear

When a little child goes missing, two detectives enlist the help of a psychic to help find him, but it will come at a cost. This tale was so dark! 

Ice Cream Man

An ice cream man is down on his luck, he's stuck in a rut and he's lost his girlfriend. He decides to change his ways and win back his love.

My Soul to Take

I really enjoyed this tale, it was so unique. I really felt for the protagonist despite his obvious character flaws. In this tale our protagonist signs up for medical experiments as he needs to provide for his estranged daughter with disastrous consequences. This tale stayed with me long after I read it. Poignant and horrific!

Lightning Crashes

Cate is recently married to the man of her dreams, she has it all until she falls pregnant, she's not sure she's ready to become a mother, she's only got a few months to prepare for the big day. This one gave me all the creeps! 


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