Salvation Spring by T.C.Parker


She doesn’t know where she’s been, these last few years, or how she came by the scars that mark her body. She can barely remember who she is, a lot of the time.

But Sasha knows Salvation Spring, the tiny nowhere town out in the middle of the desert that calls to her in dreams and haunts her waking life.

Getting there is hard. But what she’ll find there - and what the place will ask of her - will be much, much harder.

Because the Spring isn’t what it seems - far from it. And neither, for that matter, is Sasha.

Not by a long way.

This is my third read by T.C.Parker and now I'm a huge fan! Each book is so different yet all have that gripping urgency where you want to read the book cover to cover in one sitting.

In this tale, Salvation Spring, we meet Sasha who has braved great hardship fighting her way through the hot lifeless desert. Her only concern is making it back to the mines. A place she has dreamt of many times, it calls to her and she knows she needs to return to find the answers. 

On horseback she comes riding into a small out of the place town that seems very distrustful of outsiders. She desperately needs to get out of the deadly heat and find shelter but the only hotel is unable to take her in. 

Instead she is forced to stay with Jess, another outsider who lives on the edge of town where she is tolerated by the locals. Sasha finds a friend in Jess and soon she is telling her of her dire need to reach the mines to find the answers she is searching for.

T.C Parker is a master at creating intrigue after only a few chapters I was completely enthralled. This is no ordinary town, no one and nothing is who they seem. I don't want to say too much and ruin it for future readers but the tale takes an unexpected turn which illustrates T.C.Parker's exceptional imagination and writing skills.


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