Lyrics and Curses by Candace Robinson

Stranger Things meets Pretty in Pink:

Lark Espinoza could get lost in her music—and she’s not so sure anyone in her family would even care to find her. Her trendy, party-loving twin sister and her mother-come-lately Beth, who’s suddenly sworn off men and onto homemaking, don’t understand her love of cassette tapes, her loathing of the pop scene, or her standoffish personality. For outcast Lark, nothing feels as much like a real home as working at Bubble’s Oddities store and trying to attract the attention of the cute guy who works at the Vinyl shop next door—the same one she traded lyrical notes with in class.

Auden Ellis silences the incessant questions in his own head with a steady stream of beats. Despite the unconditional love of his aunt-turned-mother, he can’t quit thinking about the loss of his parents—or the possibility he might end up afflicted with his father’s issues. Despite his connection with lyric-loving Lark, Auden keeps her at arm’s length because letting her in might mean giving her a peek into something dangerous.

When two strangers arrive in town, one carrying a mysterious, dark object and the other playing an eerie flute tune, Lark and Auden find that their painful pasts have enmeshed them in a cursed future. Now, they must come to terms with their budding attraction while helping each other challenge the reflection they see in the mirror. If they fail, they’ll be trapped for eternity in a place beyond reality.

Wow! I had great fun reading this paranormal romance set in 1980's America! It's classed as Young Adult fiction but great fun for all ages!

I loved the two characters of Lark and Auden to misfits who fit together perfectly united by the love of music and lyrics. Their relationship is so uncannily accurate for two very socially awkward 17 year olds in love with each other. As well as navigating their love lives they also have to deal with being cursed and ending up trapped in the Mirror Realm.

I loved the edgy feel of this book. Romance isn't really my thing but I loved this tale and the story gets really dark in places. Candace Robinson has a great imagination and so the plots moves in some really unexpected ways. I'd say this was a slow burner to start with but the two main characters are just so endearing that I really enjoyed getting to know them in the relative calm before the storm.


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