The Intruder &The Unbeliever by Morgan K.Tanner

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The Unbeliever
The joyful surroundings of a magical theme park should fill everyone with a feeling of warmth and happiness. But Mike isn't really feeling the love. After his derisory comments to his family about the 'out of work actors' in animal suits he enrages these cute and cuddly creatures. Mike soon learns that he probably should have kept his mouth shut. Especially when the blood begins to spill.

The Intruder
Having a newborn baby in the house is certainly hard work. Those nights of broken sleep bring on a zombie-like existence for most of the day. Toby is certainly feeling exhausted. But when one evening his home is invaded by an intruder, he decides his lack of sleep could work to his advantage. Without ever questioning his actions he begins a sadistic revenge on this would-be burglar. His tiredness however, could ultimately prove his undoing.

I had no idea when I first started reading these Short Sharp Shocks just how addictive they are! The bar has been set pretty high and this time I delved into The Unbeliever &The Intruder by Morgan K.Tanner.
I’ve read a few works form Morgan over the years, The Mind’s Plague &Other Stories comes highly recommended as is Army of Skin so I knew I would be in for a thrilling experience. Morgan K.Tanner has an incredible imagination coupled with a heart of horror and a really fun sense of humour and these tales showcase his great writing talent.

In The Unbeliever I think we can all relate to Mike, especially if you have kids. He’s been forced to go on holiday to an overpriced, over-rated theme park and made to pretend he’s having the time of his life. However he’s too tired, too hungover and cranky to play an act for the sake of his family. He just wants to sit somewhere quiet and sleep off his hangover.
This resort is just too sugary sweet, or is it?
I love reading tales by Morgan K.Tanner you just never know how they are going to pan out other than its going to get very grisly and dark! I had great fun reading this and it is very well executed.

The Intruder

Again, this is a story that any parent can relate to. The terrors of sleep deprivation when you have a new-born really is the stuff of horror. I look back to when my kids were younger and honestly don’t know how I managed to stay sane throughout the months of sleepless night!
Toby, our main character is juggling a very demanding family life alongside starting a new business. He finds a few quiet moments in the middle of the night to sort out his tax return when he realises there is an intruder in his home.
He will do anything to protect his family…
This tale really felt like a nightmare, very dark and disturbing but really well written!


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