Forest Underground by Lydian Faust

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Luna was lost. Hospitalized following an incident in a local grocery store, she finds herself volunteered for treatment by the brilliant psychiatrist, Dr Sizemore.

As the doctor’s interest in her new patient grows, Luna reveals shocking details of her past. Ailing grandmothers, seductive strangers and a blood-soaked childhood are only the tip of the iceberg as her revelations paint a picture more akin to a twisted and nightmare-fuelled fairy-tale.

Detailing this case for the publication of a book, Dr Sizemore’s fascination reveals a dark history of her own. One that continues to haunt her to the present day. The pair take a journey, twisting and turning through the labyrinths of their psyches. Through lands, fertile with anguish and dread.

Join them if you dare, to a place where glowing eyes are forever watching, lurking in the shadows of this internal woodland; of this forest underground.

Wow! This is a hard review to write as I think not knowing too much about the story makes Forest Underground even more thrilling and disturbing. These are one of those rare books that I read in one sitting as it was so gripping.

This is a tale about Luna a troubled young women who was been written off from conventional therapy. As a last resort for treatment she is sent to Dr Sizemore where we learn more of her story. 

With encouragement from Dr Sizemore Luna relieves the trauma that brought her here, it's no ordinary upbringing that's traumatised her yet it's oddly familiar. However Dr Sizemore also has secrets from her upbringing...

Despite this being a novella there is a lot going on in this tale which is very cleverly written. It's a really fun take on a lot of horror tropes which form something really original. 

At times this is a really brutal tale of trauma and its effects. The tale goes to some really dark places that leaves you breathless. I can't say too much without giving spoilers except that it is an exquisite tale I can't wait to read again. 


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