Dystopia by Aphotic Realm

It's landed, the fourth instalment of Aphotic Realm and this may just be their best issue yet!  There's a stellar line up included in here of awesome writers and for the first time there's now comics included, more interviews, including one with the legendary Kevin J.Anderson and even book reviews!

The theme for this mighty issue is Dystopia! In here you'll find tales of of broken worlds, dismantled societies and lost hope. Few remain and they will fight by any means for survival.

It seems Aphotic Realm keep outdoing themselves with each issue. I for one cannot wait for the next issue: Eldritch!

The Red Umbrella by Brian Black

Dystopia gets off to a cracking start with The Red Umbrella by Brian Black. A really gripping tale set in a post apocalyptic world where nothing is what it seems.

Interrogation by Anoop Anthony

A great tale warning of the endless cycle of carnage and bloodshed. Can humanity work together in a crisis or will they rip each other apart?

May it Pass by Bo Chapell

A scientist father and his daughter team up to save the world by heading out to space, but will she find the salvation for humanity or something much worse?

Flake John F.Leonard

What are these strange flakes falling out of the sky? Why won't they melt? Is is a harmless freak weather pattern or something more sinister?

Soul Sisters by Pegi Eyers

Billions have died during "The Waves," but a few remain. How did they survive? And what's their purpose now?

Hungry Little Things by S.J.Budd

My little tale about a reclusive mother desperate to get her son home. Is she right to want to stay indoors? What's really out there?

Frostbyte by Kevin Holton

A heart braking tale when a doctor's bedside manner is removed to make way for extra efficiency. The world is being taken over by machines and Dr Vy Phrazian is trying to hold on to humanity. A really emotional tale.

Fix Me by Lachlan Watt

Definitely the scariest story in this collection. A young mechanic finds herself trapped in darkness with no way out. She can't remember how she got here or what's gone on, but is there any point in remembering? The truth won't set you free.

8-Bit Rebellion by A.A.Medina

Arnold Jones is locked into a world of slavery to the machines who have overtaken humanity as the ruling force. Many people just give up, but can Arnold find a way out of this hell? This is a really cool story with a message of hope.

The Day the Towers Rose by S.E.Casey

If the end of days were approaching how would you react? Would you fight back, kill yourself or try to survive in any way that you could?

Shards of Yesterday by Mandi Jourdan

The world has been saved by a secretive company known as Lazarus who worked out the ancient secrets to life, magic and the soul. But have they really made the world a better place?

Perfecting Humanity by Michael J.Wyant Jr

A really cool mind bending story of a young woman with a special abilities, but is it a gift or a curse?

Ruby by Jonathan Boon

There are many ways in which we are destroying our planet and over-population is just one of them. A theme explored with heart braking reality in Jonathan Boon's Ruby.  This is the tale of Ruby is just too good at school and soon atractts unwanted attention. Very thought provoking 

Perforator's  Run by Cameron Kirk

In his Grandad's legendary Chevrolet the Captain is returning to Dead City, a landscape of blackened towers and the roaming undead. There's a great foreboding atmosphere in this bleak portrayal of a post war world.


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