Cry Your Way Home by Damien Angelica Walters

Damien Angelica Walters is an author whose work is constantly popping up in all the great magazines all writers dream of appearing in such as Apex, Black Static, Nightmare Magazine and Shimmer. Not only that she's a Bram Stoker Award nominee?! (she was robbed)

Cry Your Way Home is her second short story collection, the first being Sing Me Your Scars and was truly epic, hence why I was just dying to read Cry Your Way Home.

This is a really great  collection of 17 dark tales. Cry Your Way Home focuses more on domestic horror such as relationship breakdowns, death of a loved one and sibling rivalry. Whoever said there was a happily ever after?

Inside are 17 tales of pain and suffering that arises when families breakdown for whatever reason.  There's a really wide mix of stories in here illustrating that Damien Angelica Walters is not a one trick pony. In this collection she delves into folk horror, sci-fi and just downright creepy!

The stories are beautifully written in a way that is haunting and compelling. Damien Angelica Walters draws you in to her dark world with ease. I found them all as equally imaginative, she not only has the skill to write beautiful but horrific stories but also has the vision to pluck out these great tales from the ether. An examples of this skill is The Floating Girls: A Documentary. I thought this was a fantastic story and its the things in her stories she doesn't tell us about that are the darkest parts. Little Girl Blue, Come Cry Your Way Home was another masterpiece.Tooth, Tongue and Claw was another great story that reminds me of the epic Angela Carter. It feels just like a fairy tale and has a great ending. Lastly a shout-out for Deep Within the Marrow, Hidden in My Smile, this tale was so creepy and just shows that Damien Angelica Walters can spin a great horror story from any situation.

About the Author 

Damien Angelica Walters is the author of Cry Your Way HomePaper Tigers, and Sing Me Your Scars, winner of the 2015 This is Horror Award for Short Story Collection of the Year. Her short fiction has been nominated twice for a Bram Stoker Award, reprinted in The Year's Best Dark Fantasy & Horror and The Year's Best Weird Fiction, and published in various anthologies and magazines, including the Shirley Jackson Award Finalists Autumn Cthulhu and The Madness of Dr. Caligari, World Fantasy Award Finalist Cassilda’s SongNightmare MagazineBlack Static, and Apex Magazine. Until the magazine’s closing in 2013, she was an Associate Editor of the Hugo Award-winning Electric Velocipede, and she lives in Maryland with her husband and two rescued pit bulls.


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