Trick or Death by Calvin Demmer

This is the third short tale from Calvin Demmer which takes place on Halloween with Barry Steiner taking to his neighbourhood for an annual bout of trick or treating. He's not looking to amass hordes of sweets but something else far less obtainable.

Barry Steiner s a young man who is desperate for popularity and will do anything to increase the number of subscribers on his youtube channel. He thinks he's come up with a brilliant idea; pranking. Except the joke is on him, he's blind to everything that goes on around him with devastating consequences.He has everything he wants in life, he just has to look past his nose, but sometimes these realisations come much too late.

A great little tale that blends humour with terror, full of tension and foreboding doom and of course there's a nice little twist at the end. Another great tale from an emerging horror author! If you enjoyed this story you'll be glad to know that Calvin Demmer has two other short stories, Hungry Ghosts and Labor Day Hunt out on Amazon now.

About Calvin Demmer

Calvin Demmer is a crime, mystery and speculative fiction author. When not working, he is intrigued by that which goes bump int he night and the sciences of our universe. His work has appeared in a variety of publications including Under The Bed, Deadman's Tome, Siren's Call, Sanitarium Magazine, Morpheus Tales, Devolution Z and many, many more.

You can find out more about Calvin Demmer at

Twitter @CalvinDemmer


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