Deadman's Tome - Book of Horrors Volume One

"Rumour has it that somewhere deep in the dark abyss lies an ancient relic of wicked men, a product of madness. A tome of horrors so unimaginable, so unfathomable that a few lines was all it took for people to go mad."

And here it is!

Deadman's Tome Book of horrors Volume One

Deadman's Tome started off as a webzine run by Jesse Deadman (I really hope that's his real surname) dedicated to publishing horror fiction considered too dark for mainstream publishers. Since it's conception Deadman's Tome has grown massively in popularity and now the finest darkest tales have been collected together in one anthology. Due to the high demand they will shortly be publishing Deadman's Tome Book of Horrors  Volume Two which will be available September 2016. The site is well worth checking out and they also produce epic podcasts for all things horror.

Here is my spolier free lowdown on the great tales you'll find inside. You can buy this anthology for less than a coffee and by doing so you'll get to read some great stories as well as supporting indie publishers.

Melissa's Hobby by Sean Glasheen

"When bullets flew, and blood became a more common sight thn friendly faces, I was transformed from a man to a coward to a thing. Just a thing; for they had no name for the gun-wielding robot I'd become."

An emotionally and psychologically damaged army veteran begins to heal from the horrors of war in the everlasting sanctuary of love from his darling wife and son.

Yet in his absence his perfect and doting wife has taken up a new hobbie...

A take that is cleverly written with beautiful and evocative prose  which delves into the emotions of being deeply in love and I got quite the shock when I found out in the author's bio that Sean Glasheen is only 17!? I had to make sure I'd read that right. If he can write like this at 17 then who knows where he'll be in ten years time. Definitely one to watch!

About Sean Glasheen

Sean Glasheen is 17 years old and hails from Tipperary, Ireland. Along with being a writer he is also a kickboxer, runner and student.

The Memory Chamber by S.J.Budd

"If you want to proceed, you'll need to sign here." Jennifer James took the pen and consent form in her shaking hands, "Has someone gone over the risks with you? I must remind you how dangerous this can be."

Jenifer James is a tortured soul who's spent most of her adult life seeking out death in every bottle, line, pill and syringe she can get hold of . What she really wants is to forget all the bad stuff that propels her towards her self inflicted obliteration.

She hears about an opportunity which could allow her to only remember her happy memories and immediately signs up. Why not? She's got nothing to lose...

About S.J.Budd

S.J.Budd is a horror/dark fantasy author who's work has appeared in numerous magazines such as Sanitarium, Siren's Call , Shadows at the Door and Blood Moon Rising. You can find out more at

Twitter @sjbuddj

More Plastic Wrap by Florence Ann Marlowe

"Michael looked up at the grimy windows and they stared back with baleful black eyes. "The Beast" as Michael liked to call it, waited for his return, laughing at him. It knew he was a prisoner, unable to escape."

Michael lives at home with his elderly sick mother. He wants to be free of her and break away from those tight constricting apron strings. He yearns to be his own man except he can't as he's a little bit of a loser and  can't get anything right without his mum to help him  out. This original tale is darkly funny with squirming humour and lots of added WTF thrown  in too.

About Florence Ann Marlowe

Florence Ann Marlowe is a horror and dark fiction. Over the years her work has appeared in many magazines and anthologies you can find about more about her be heading over to her facebook page

The Corruption in the Deep by S.Alessandro Martinez

"I should never have gone here. I should never have prodded the depths of unknowable things. That deep, dark realm of nightmares and horror. It was my doom."

A young student feeling desperately out of sync questions the boundaries between dreams and reality, concious  and subconcious. Which way round should it be? One day they decide to break through to see what's beyond the realm of everyday life.

A dark tale that questions the fabric of reality, is it an illusion, a prison or just a dream?

About S.Alessandro Martinez

S.Alessandro Martinez hails from Southern California and is a horror/fantasy author. He has appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies. You can find out more about him by heading over to

Scuttle Bug by Matthew Johnson

"Amanda's gut churned, ripping the fabric of sleep her eyes flew open as waves of pain shuddered between her legs.
In this tale you'll find black humour in it's blackest form. Even as a mother of two, it made me wince more than once as I read this. Definitely not for the squeamish, but devilishly good.

About Matthew Johnson

Matthew Johnson is an award winning  horror author who resides in California and is currently working on his latest novel. You can find out more by heading over to

Black Beauty - A tale of Morbid Love by Mark Armstrong

"I watched the world darken and smiled. It was a sombre smile, one of the joys yet to come with the knowledge this was the world now."

A man is desperate to find love in a post-apocalyptic world, he'll take it in whatever form he can find in a world grown cold and harsh. A great little tale that is truly horrific!

The Accident on Mitchell Street by Jacob M.Lambert

There's a saying that goes like this- for every old shoe, there's an old sock. In this tale estate agent Ellie Masterson has a problem property that won't shift. Potential buyers can't get past the kitchen before they run out in terror. It's not just bricks and mortar that make this house. However Ellie's fortune could be on the rise when a stranger is instantly attracted to the malevolent ruin.

About Jacob.M.Lambert

No author information at present

Shut In by Jill Hand

"They believe in voodoo and curses and all kinds of idiotic shit. Their loss is your gain, am I right?"

An agoraphobic is trying to live as best as he can without inciting panic attacks he only feels safe in his own home and ventures out only to earn an "honest" living. He takes on a job that his other colleagues fear to be associated with, he belittles them for being too superstitious he should have heeded their warnings.

A tale that warns of the terror within us can be much greater that what's beyond our garden gate.

About Jill Hand

Jill Hand is the author of The Blue Horse, a science fiction.fantasy novella based on a true story from Kellan Publishing. Her fiction has appeared in numerous anthologies and she is also an associate editor for Bewildering Stories and Fiction Magazines.

Kingdom of the Living Dead by Joseph Rubas

A tale highly influenced by one of horror's true legends; H.P.Lovecraft. Stanly Ford, a house surveyor  recounts his experiences in the desert in Nevada on July in 1928 when he and a small team fromBirchen Asphalt Co. were determing the route of a new highway. There he meets Sam Johnson a curious professor of archeolgy in search of the old ones.

About Joseph Rubas

No author information at present.

The Babel Frequency by David Wright

"It was as if a giant magnet has passed across the earth and erased the collective hard drive of the community."

Old school classic sci-fi horror with a thoroughly modern edge. Darren and Lyra wake up in absolute chaos fighting for survival in a world they no longer recognise.

About David Wright

No author information at present

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