The Dark Magazine - Issue 12 - May 2016

The Dark Magazine is a quarterly dark fiction magazine edited by Jack Fisher and Sean Wallace. which features great short fiction both in print in audio.

These tales are of a very high calibre and totally absorb you into different worlds as you read. Each tale is wonderfully different but very similar in that they are all  deeply atmospheric. In Issue 12 of The Dark Magazine it's also great to see really good dark fiction by women who have been  for a long time an under-represented faction of horror writers. It's great to see that this is now changing

This months issue features the brilliant artwork by Vincent Chong an award winning freelance illustrator and designer. He has illustrated works by many authors including Stephen King and Ray Bradbury.

The Haferbräutigam by Steve Berman

We are intriduced to Pluschow a sexual predator whose libido feast on young male flesh as he makes his way across Europe back to his native German soil where he meets a young man who looks lost and out of place...

This short story examines how it is folly to ignore the past and our heritage, that no matter how evil man can be there are creatures out there which are far worse.

Steve Berman sold his first story at seventeen and has never looked back. His novel, Vintage: A Ghost Story was a finalist for the Andre Norton Award.

The Body Finder by Kaaron Warren

Frank dedicates his life to finding missing people but the one he truly wants to find remains forever elusive.

This is a poignant tale of finding peace and salvation and the pain we put ourselves through and the prisons that we form around ourselves.

Kaaron Warren is a Bram Stoker Award Nominee, twice-World Fantasy Award Nominee and Shirley Jackson  Award Winner. She has sold more than 200 stories and has written three novels, Slights, Walking the Tree and Mistification. Her latest novel, The Grief Hole, will be released in August from IFWG Publishing Australia.

Website -

Twitter - @KaaronWarren

Caroline at Dusk by Kali Wallace

Caroline comes to Ireland to mourn the death her sister who she had spent a lifetime of living in her shadow and doesn't know what to do next.

You get the feeling you're being kept in the dark with this great tale which creates great tension. A claustrophobic and unsettling tale showing how love and hate are merely two sides of the same coin. This story reminds me of a Stephen King quote, "It ain't the content, it's the delivery," and this is a tale that delivers 

Kali Wallace's short fiction has appeared in Clarkesworld, F&SF, Asimov's and Her debut novel, Shallow Graves was published in January 2016

The Jacaranda Wife by Angela Slatter

There is an old legend that the women born from the Jacaranda trees bring only sorrow. However James Willoughby ignores the sage advice from the indigenous people whose land he has set out to conquer. When he sees a beautiful woman with pale skin like the moon and violet eyes he falls in love and claims her as his own but wild things are not ours to claim or take...

This is a story of roots and belonging and the pain that is felt when you are ripped away from where you truly belong.

Angela Slatter is a dark fantsy and horror author of the Aurealis Award-winning The Girl with no Hands and Other Tales. Her short fiction has previously been published in Mammoth Book of New Horror 22, Fantasy Magazine, Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet , Dreaming Again and Steampunk 11:Steampunk Reloaded. Her short story The Coffin Maker's Daughter won a British Fantasy Award.


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