The Uneventful Diary of an Aspiring Writer

The Uneventful Diary of an Aspiring Writer

Crowded House

Something More in Obscurita

Lego Lasts Forever on The No Sleep Podcast

Just To Keep You Close

The Itch 


Incubate Initiate

The Mound - Out now in Blood Moon Rising Magazine

Interview with Kendall Reviews

The Mound!

Tales from the Realm!

Interview with Calvin Demmer 

Interview with Zero Flash

I am Witch

Monsters Exist

Sparkles and Sunshine

Celebrating Women in Horror

Never Forget Me

The Forgotten House

Spells and Stories. Interview with Gwendolyn Kiste

Spells and Persuasions and Other Dark Illuminations

How a Ghost is Born

Freedom Fiction

Deadman's Tome - Trumpocalypse

Hold Me Tight

The Wild Hunt

The 2016 Ray Bradbury Challenge Part Two

Blood Moon Rising

Danse Macabre Pasticcerie

Deadman's Tome: Book of Horrors Vol V1

Shadows at the Door

A Happy Reminder That Spring Has Sprung

Are You Ready for the 2016 Ray Bradbury Writing Challenge?

How to Write for Fun

The Secret Lake in Bowmere Industrial Estate

Madame Spizak's Home for Little Boys and Girls

Thinking of Joining a Writing Group?

Why You Should Never Forget To Dream

Deadman's Tome

Time to Look Beyond Tomorrow

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